So Tired of This Stuff

Man, I’m listening to the stats
Watching the reports
And wondering
How the divide can be so great
How can the government
Report numbers in so many ways
That nobody can figure out
What the frig is going on
One life lost to a police bullet
Is too many
And I could care less
About the color of the victim because
Nobody should die that way
Anymore though
I blame us
For the issues of racial disharmony
Not the government
And the way it makes us check boxes
To define “who we are”
Heck, DNA says we are all mutts anyway

It’s us

And if you believe in the Bible
We’ve been effing it up for awhile now
Eden, Babel, whatever else there is
Government, God, no they are too easy
To make scapegoats
One is an institution we chose,
The other having bestowed upon us choice
And look at what we have done with both

Allowing violence to run our show

And there is plenty
For all of us to accept
The stats are confusing
The verdicts are perplexing
The violence is unacceptable

It’s time for all to bring some sensibility
To our humanity
We must us the brains we were given
To exercise the established rights
In a manner that is fair for all

Stop shooting
Stop looting
Stop blaming
And clean up this mess

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