Stuffing vs Dressing

An uneasiness today
With full blown withdrawal
Because the reaper has cast
Such a pall on this day for me
I miss my family
The dead and the living
Even though
We are all together
In some way
Mostly in memories
So the feast is on my mind where
I’m going to grub
On my wife’s most excellent meal
Thankful for her stand up ways
And patience with my lack of affect
Really just thankful for
Her. Every bit.
I don’t know how she does it
Bringing those joyous feelings to me,
The ones masked by stoicism or ambivalence
Both traitors to my feelings,
But she does.
I just know
I would be lost without her
And hungry too
For I probably wouldn’t
Without her guidance
Bring on the bird
Maybe a little conversation too
Most of all just the

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