Better Relations

The news from MO is troubling
The sorrow following the grand jury’s opinion
Seeps from so many crevices
It’s hard to know where is
The best place to put pressure
So that the bleeding might stop

My standing on this issue
Is not with any credibility
In these troubled times
But my distrust of institutions of power is real
My fear of running afoul of them real too
My want for sanity from law enforcement
Exactly like my prayers for people to do right

Negate the need,
Live within the law

But how about those
White collar crooks breaking laws of morality
Thinking not of their brothers
Only their wallets
Their greed leaving little for us
Their exporting of jobs
Leaving less for us
Other than anger, frustration,

Bring some jobs back
Watch people change

Too simplistic

Too bad
That’s how I feel

And I’d prefer
If relations were better

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