La, La, La

My butt plastered to the bleachers
Usually pushed back
When I’m at work
Provide the lack of cushion
For this morning of watching kids try out
For rec basketball
I’m just an observer
Watching the parents
Who are so critical of my profession
Getting frustrated as the kids get rammy
While waiting their turns
Watching the coaches
Grade players against the skills of others
Something they forbid
Teachers to do
Most of all
I watch the kids, just wanting to play
No refs, no coaches, just
With competition and a love for the run
Where records don’t matter
And drills are better left in shop class

If we had “Shop” anymore

I shouldn’t judge these volunteers
Or parents driving their children
Towards athletic greatness
And the scholarships they are statistically destined
Not to earn
But youth sports does not hold the same value for me
That it did when I was a kid
I’m sure there were snarky parents back then
At least mine stayed out of the way
I’m sure the teachers who might have been there hid
When they saw the unscheduled conference coming their way
I’m sure that we,
The adults,
Are different now
Forgetting that these leagues are about kids
Not all of this stuff
I’m watching

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