Can We Get The Want For A Meal

That’s what I want
To throw on the floor
Of my class
Precious morsels
That the students would fight over
Like they were the last bites of
Sustenance coming their way
It’s the attitude I’m really wanting
Not the mauling
That might occur
If raw meat was given to
A hungry pack
It’s the hunger

I want the students to be hungry

Once I worked with inner city students
Who wanted to go to college so badly that
They endured a contrived ridiculousness
Only because they knew
The higher education would further their goals
They hung from cables, wrote in journals, and
Conformed to early curfews
Because they knew this was a stepping stone
Beyond the kibbles
City life was doling out to them

I miss their hunger

For the fight was worth it
In two weeks
These young people grew to see
How important decision making was
That consequences made real
Can really change a perspective

I miss their hunger

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