Heady Thoughts

Concussed by crunching data
On the efficacy of hard plastic shells
On top of nearly hard heads
Attached to adolescent bodies
Has led to the quandary
Of bigger, harder, and financially irresponsible
Purchasing of the most prominent feature
From a football uniform

We all know the problem of head trauma
And want to protect our kids
Who dare to take impact tests
For the grandeur of gridiron greatness
But are we putting them
At greater risk
By coming up with colossal composite crowns?

Harry, the Investigator knows his report pandered
To the hype of nightly news
Scare them with hype
Drama does the ratings right

Who do we believe
When studies crash against each other,
Virginia Tech may be just a hokey experiment?
Wisconsin just badgering lab studies with survey data?

Both academic attempts slinging statistical wreckage
Through a litigious sanctioning processes
Where the helmet companies blame the coaches
The doctors blame the equipment companies
The kids carry the neural scars
And nobody is blaming the game
Perhaps it is time
To figure out what is right
Realizing that by putting
Our kids in plastic bubbles
Does them no good
But neither should they live
As human missiles in a skull condom
Ostensibly designed to keep a kid’s brain from oozing out
When he’s barely reached middle age
Which, according to the conflicting studies
Is a real possibility
For those who wear any “rated” football helmets

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