Men Can Ramble On Too

The jabber began at the crack, they were
Talking at the speed of middle school
Where their conversations
Dared to explore the routine ground
Of the same material covered yesterday
Fortunately today
I was just a bystander,
Locked in a sound proof room
Away from the verbal repartee
That was examining the soap opera of high school sports,
Enjoying my peaceful lunch
With an equally content with quiet office mate
When the peaceful seal around the office door
Broke with the rumbling energy
Of slurry filling a basement foundation
The vocal opera
A mush of rocks, water, sand, and
Too little cement
To set their conversation to stillness

As coincidence would have it
Two comedians on a computer screen
Were making fun of the overly verbose characters
Who just like the two chatty Charlies
Draw things out to and excruciating end

To make a long story short,
I left.

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