Important Women

The joke in class suggests
Men should thank their fathers
For making us men
I always follow up this bit of gender insensitivity
With being glad of of father’s genetic roulette because
I’m not nearly tough enough
To give birth
And then be patient enough
To do all the raising of children things
Moms have to do
I’m lucky to have a mom
Who put up with me
Teaching me utilitarian things
Like how to navigate the kitchen and
The dangers of whiffle ball bats
While listening to my first born arrogance
Without judging too much
I’m also blessed
With a wife who is the mama bear
For two bundles of energy
Entering those middling years
Where the ease of elementary ages
Gives way to the toughness of pubescence
And she bends with the flexibility
Of trees in storms
Never snapping beyond what
The kids can handle
Then bringing a calm
In the most robust laugh
When nothing but tickling
Can pass the time

Two women
Two moms

Too important to be taken for granted

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