The Hottest Shower

The hottest shower ever
Washed away the grime of educational occupation
Leaving muddy water at my feet and
A silty apparition of where I’m from
Rising in the steam
The disjointed clarity of the visage
Came as comfort in the accepting
That my journey has been tossed
On a spinning wheel
By artisans of life’s potential
Each pinching and smoothing
The not so malleable lump
I believe I am

Foundations from family
Frivolity from friends
Functionality from mentors

Each laying hands of perspective
On the potential that I might
Become something,
Who knows rights from wrongs
Who operates with dexterity
Who navigates the murky waters with a waterman’s sense

The hottest shower ever
Has spawned a reflective eye
Allowing a thankful heart
To beat appreciatively
For those charitable souls who have sculpted
Who I am

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