Pay Attention

One of those fall days
When summer attempts to
Exert a little influence
And all I want to do
Is roll down the windows
Cruising in my truck listening to
Old school country music

The DJ made a promise
To play an obscure song
So I took the longer way home
Feeding on the roar of the wind
Basking in the anticipation
Of something old being new to me

But first the radio jock
Threw a welcomed curve
That brought a flood of wealth of emotion
As George Jones belted out,
“Cry baby cry,”

At once the last couple of days made sense
The test bringing a reaction
Framed by a bird colonel
Righteously defined by rank and order
The mini-resolution of a model train conductor
Gently kept on the rails with stoic grace
The purposeful ambivalence of a working man
True to hardened values forged in the Great Depression
The even hand of justice passed on from a grizzled cop
Learned in the cinema that is “po-leese”

My grandfather
My father in law
My grandfather
My dad
Each speaking to me
Through their medium
Each settling me down
Before I fail to realize their wisdom
Due to my limited vision
Of what a full life is

Funny how the old country song
Enlightened my restlessness
But the song I was driving around to hear
Was about a bird figuring out
How to live in caged confines

Maybe it’s simple
If we listen to our elders

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