A blue sky,
The first in days
An indifferent temperature,
The most comfortable of the year
An impassioned pit bull,
Only worried about our walk

Then came the lady in the fleece
With the Diane from Cheers haircut
Who used this beautiful day
To tell me it’s going to be seventy-two
Next Thursday
Then the waitress from Two Stones
Blowing through a stop sign
Unaware of its true meaning
I suppose
Then she wanted to know
All about my dog
And whether he was a blue or red

I answered, “Independent,”
Which confused her
But she recovered
With a quick come back about his eyes
Or something

Perhaps others can relate
But after a day of work
Especially one requiring talk
For the whole day
I treasure some quiet
Be it in a car
Or at the brake end of a leash
Walking on this beautiful day

Conversations of convenience
Really are not necessary
A simple hello is enough
And I do not take it personally
If there is nothing more said
Weather, gas prices,
The state of sports in Philly
Seem trivial, silly really
So why bother

I know
Being neighborly


I should appreciate
The community building aspects
Of conversation
But I’m particular about talking
And stingy with my non-work verbosity
Mostly to a fault
So I’ll apologize ahead of time if I don’t know
The seven day forecast
Or the exact age of my canine hanging partner
And I’ll make sure to tip well
The next time I’m craving a burger
Washed down with a snooty beer
Just so long as you come to a complete stop
And don’t ask me a bunch questions
About my dog
While I eat

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