Maybe Tomorrow

Man, I had a piece of paper
With the best line for a poem
And that most excellent idea which
Is sitting on my desk
In my dark locker room office
Doing me no good right now
I’ve been trolling the papers
Hoping for an idea as good
But all I’m getting is thoughts
Of epidemics, elelctions, and encampments
For terrorists, armies, and refugees

Such drudgery makes for a heavy tomb
So I think I’ll focus on remembering the idea
That rests in mystery at school
Wondering how that handwritten line
Inspired by something about deadlifts
Could have anything to do with the way
My students tolerated my discussion
About scholarly writing
Or the way my other class chipped away
At an ambitious workout
With only a promise of dodgeball
As a reward
Both bringing inspiration to their frustrations
Which is really what school should be about
But alas, I can’t remember
What was on that scrap piece of paper

Maybe tomorrow…

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