Nothing Happened

Scratching the surface
Is about where I spend
Most of my time
Treating the class
With a healthy respect
And hope for their thoughts
On benign topics like
Teenage pregnancy,
Drug wars, and
Perspectives on success
I’m discussing these topics
At one hundred forty character depth
Thinking that’s about the right number
For their interest in
These untested constructs
So I push
Prodding them with controversial thoughts
And paying the price for getting them
To think beyond the limits of
Their life experiences
With a phone call or email
Wondering why I would say
Something so outlandish
Then it’s on to the pat answer
Where I explain how these issues
Have many perspectives
And decisions are best made
When considering different points of view
Someday my act will catch up
To the slowness of changeable views
And the relative inactivity of abilities
To accept another’s values
Without being threatened
But for now I’ll sprint along
On the tips of my students’ crevices
Never asking their brains
To dig in

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