Saban Sucked At Miami

Understand there is nothing wrong
With thinking,
Or taking a stand
However uncomfortable the dissent
Good nearly always comes
From environments where a freedom
Of expression is coupled
To ideas rooted in respect and simplicity

Too often, though, the understanding is muddled
For the thinking is not about
What is necessary
Instead it’s about covering asses
Having evidence in case of audits
The questions are about confusing regulations
Instead of identifying blind spots existing
In the most obvious of places
And the only stands taken mean nothing
For they bask in chicken dung
Self-preservation tactics

How about the leaders stop playing
The games of Life, Battleship, or
Fifty two card pick up
With the donkey butt exercises
That are less about growth
Than they are about
Creating paper trails

I’ll write your goals
I’ll attend your educational conferences
Hosted by the gurus paid to
Consult and write expensive books
With the recycled gibberish
That is beginning to swing back to the stuff
Being sold
When I first taught

Most of all
I’ll write it all down
Explaining how my efforts to understand
Danielson, Dewey, or Cheatem and Howe
Have made me better

Oh, does it matter how my students do?
Are they not both the priority and the
Predominant determinant of success
Do they really need another graphic organizer
Or open ended writing prompt
How many different ways do they have to be shown
Maybe they need to understand
And competence
Than they need Algebra in elementary school
Maybe they need some play time
Than another lesson, study hall, or AP class

So I’ll gladly look for ways I can do my job better
Like I’ve always done
I always thought it was just part of the job
Silly me…
Hopefully the process will make me “successfuller”

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