Lobal Lethargy

Who would have believed
The world could be anything but flat?
Who would have believed
The planets revolve around the sun?
To convince people of this took great effort

So much of our learning is based on
The word of someone
Who heard something
From someone else
So it must be true
Especially if the conduit
Was a parent,
Or commercial

But maybe it’s not so
Even teachers
Must back up what we share
With evidence
Especially when it is to the contrary
Of Mom, Coach, and Pepsi (et al)

Your responsibility is to think about
All the evidence
Make your determination
And stay current with the next theoretical change
For some suggest change is the only constant
And not take just the words
Of Mom, Coach, Pepsi (et al), and teachers
As a wisdom to be absolute and unassailable

Now do some research on:
Proper hydration
Exercise hydration
Pickle juice
Big business’ influence on everything

Looking forward to our discussions
After we figure out the
Current theories and confirmed myths

Maybe then we can discuss the geometric properties
Of Earth

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