Positive Complacency

Recent events
Wash away at the foundation
Of all that is good
And I stand as a bystander watching with
Eyes that should be sending laser beams
But my chill is not from fear
Rather strength has brought the calm
A detached way of seeing
That the pride and purpose of righteousness
Only serves to stir negativity and disarray
In a life too short
The resistance I’ve developed
Against the grandiose extravaganza of ambitition
Has allowed me to see my success on my terms
Under the peacefulness of just being
I’m no longer surprised by others
The shock of tragedy expected
The failures of Man something so over reported
That few of Our miserable foibles rise
To a level I care about
I am who I am
Doing the best I can
And I feel good with that
I don’t need breaking news
To help me rationalize my relative worth
Against the rest of society
For I am my judge
An impartial arbiter of me
Able to recognize the flaws
And work out a plan to fix them
While peacefully celebrating my goodness too
It’s nice trudging along
In the positively complacent swamp
Just being with my family
While simply being me

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