Different Lenses

Are we programmed for faults?
To find flaws?
To wear out?

Sad if so

Better to find something good
In a moment like
When running or
When sitting in a meeting.
For the shortness of our obsolescence
Makes fretting about the negativity
Of any situation
The greatest waste of time.
Better to see
Goodness in situations
Without that hankering
For the “ick” of whatever
A person is doing.
Our situations just are
So we should just be
Looking to find
The ways we grow
From our experiences
Instead of complaining,
Wishing our lives away, or
Acting like we deserve something different than
The moment offers.
Our reality is simple,
We are men and woman
Just trying to survive here

Make the most of your situations
Find a way to the beauty
That is there for you.
You’ll find it when
You stop looking through your ugliness

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