Violence Begets

“They put the boots to her”

The story of a criminal justice major
Fresh from PSU
Assigned to go Jump Street
At a Delco high school
Way back in the 70s
When war, weed, and what’s it to ya
Were the fire for a daily dose of mischief and mayhem
From a burgeoning bunch of adolescent rejects
Who lit their Camel’s
In the public privacy of the boy’s room

Her job was to ferret out
The dealers, users, and slight of hand accomplices
That allowed for clogged toilets,
Graffitied walls and took advantage of one unfortunate
Road show attraction who was fire bombed
While he did his business in the wrong smoking lounge stall.
She looked the part of a high school kid
But her game was not too nuanced
So those Marple boys figured her as a narc
And dropped some graduate education on her

First they spat
Then they threw books
Finally, they put the boots to her
Nobody knew who brought the violence
Everyone knew better than to know
So the school continued on
With major modifications to the smoking policies
After the beating of the informant
Kids were no longer allowed
To light it up in the bathroom

The smoking areas were moved outside.

Problem solved.?.?

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