SMART goals can be
Difficult to talk about
I mean, really, who’s to say
They are the only way
To write goals
Now imagine you are fifteen
Sitting in the blinding light
Of a darkened room
Watching a Prezi
On just such a topic
Imagine you were given a
Lacrosse ball and allowed to
Smash your feet
Massaging your pedals
While the lecture tweaked your mentals
How great would that distraction be
Today those kids rocked
From side to side
Pressing that rubber right into the parts
That hurt most
Toes, heels, and arches
They grimaced and cooed with ooo’s
All the while taking notes smartly
And asking questions
Challenging the efficacy of goal setting
As adolescents see the whole process
With doubt and disdain
But they never let those anti-establishment feelings
Get in the way of the learning
Or the relaxed feeling from the

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