They Do Happen

At one moment
It seemed the darkness would return
A cloud hanging closely
Felt ready to burst
Then the miraculous
As students started to discover
The reality of thinking
And the fun it can bring
To an otherwise routine pursuit
Still others accepted with verve
A chance to employ
A new running mechanic to their
Cranky hips and backs that are callously
Being molded by the ergonomically insensitive
Plastic and metal they spend their days conforming to
What a welcome change it was
To have them join in the revolutionary idea of standing up
While taking notes
Some rocking side to side
Some still
All surprised by the “ninja” call
Where they snapped into a better position
After not realizing their poor posture settling in
Best of all was the absence of griping
Instead a healthy respect for the new opportunities
To learn differently

I love these kinds of days.

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