The Chilling of a Soul

Remember when everything mattered
Did that change after 9/11
Did life become different after Ferguson
I just know
That I’m not crazy about
The state of “whatever” anymore
Sure I might write a rant poem
Complaining about an event
But I’m just writing
Not deliberating
Not caring so much
I much prefer this easier me
Letting go of an overdue batch of burdens
That only served to make me
And those around me deal with
The stress of caring about everything
I can’t worry about the President
Have you noticed it really doesn’t matter
I can’t worry about my job
It will be there tomorrow
And if not I can see a new career
As a possibility for newness
For those who know me
Or follow
Don’t think I’ve lost my opinions or
Love of a good fight
But keeping a steady perspective
Sure chills a soul
In a good way

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