An Imaginary Conversation (I Wish It Had Been Real)

I met a young man today
Breaking ground as a trainer
Certified and board approved
We talked for a bit
And I shared my focus on running and
Although I quickly changed my description
Of the overly hyped and super charged
Fitness program
To high intensity training

He scoffed, bringing up injury rates

Inside I’m laughing
For no one got hurt in my classes last year
But the number of injuries from the sports
The athletes were playing
Was nearly a daily ordeal

Funny how his job is based
On the assumption
That kids will get hurt playing
And he was critical of an activity
With injury rates comparable
To other fitness and sports pursuits

Only sort of informed…
Or selectively informed…?
Not professionally informed…

We think nothing of turning our children
Into missiles with the hardest shells arming them
And think nothing of the concussions, breaks, and tears.
Injuries Caused By Momentum?

But the mis-hype around CrossFit is a shame
The method is not the problem
For too many it’s the implementation
Where bad coaching
Or over zealous participation
Leads to poor decisions that allow a failure
Causing an injury
Just like with overuse injuries in running
Kids with UCL injuries in Little League

Running and baseball be berry, berry bad to me…?

Girl’s soccer, cheerleading, cross county
Each sends kids to rehab or treatment
For a variety of injuries
Yet we rationalize those boo-boos
With “part of the game logic”

I’m just saying

I question anytime a player is injured
Looking for the root of the cause
Sometimes it just happens
More often than not it’s bad
Positioning (technique)
The wise understand that it’s not
The fault
Of the game or exercise methodology
The wish also know
That one way is not the only way
Although I might argue
That performing exercises with proper skill
Is right way

The wise see opportunity in that which is
Planning for safe implementation
Without a reliance on the
“He said, she said”
Media hype machine
Or the potentially faulty
“As we’ve always done”

So young man of credentialed excellence
Think not with disdain of our high intensity approach
We are scaling and spending great time on technique.
You worry about those dislocations, separations, and
Twisted bodies out
On the field

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