Potential Judges

Under achieving
Used to be something I worried about
Now I laugh at those
Who think they know
What is best for others

Who are these prognosticators of potential
Claiming that others
Have what it takes to go far
Who are we to say others
Just aren’t living up
To all they could be

My life has been one of decisions
Not based on potential,
But rather how I felt at the time
It was my choice to waste time
As others saw it, but
I saw that “wasting” as living and learning
About what was important to me

I spend my professional life
Telling students how well they are doing
On whatever it is
However, I can’t evaluate them against
Whatever that is,
I must tell them how they did in the moment
Letting them decide whether
They reached THEIR potential

So gypsy caravans with crystal balls
Dialed in to potential
Have you reached yours
Or did you find something comfortable
For you

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