Teaching Thinking

Stoking the fires of adolescent apathy
With a well placed thought of provocation
Is just what these kids need
They want to see the world with adolescent absoluteness
Not believing what adults are preaching
Until I give them just the opposite
Of what they’ve always been told
By adults, teachers, or others with age-based authority

I’m planting the seed of critical thinking
Letting them hear that the hype around
Stuff like the drug war, sexuality, nutrition and fitness
Might be about more than just
Protecting young lives
It might also be about the spreading of fear
To make sure the funding is in place for enforcement and education
To make sure following replaces educated decision making
That could lead to their independence

I let them know I’m not some crazy radical
That abstinence is the only sure way
To avoid the unwanted pitfalls of drugs and sex
They know, though, that these lofty goals of chastity
Aren’t easily realized
So I let them simmer on the thought
That there is more to life and being healthy
Than doom, gloom, and dread
For in every report
Every statistic
Every lesson
Comes some sort of manipulation
And they need to see through the bright lights of hype
And the muddy waters of analytics
To understand issues and
Make the proper decisions to promote their well-being
By having a healthy perspective on

Drugs (don’t)
Sex (don’t until you can understand and accept the consequences)
Exercise (do…and keep it fun)

Most importantly:

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