Tell Me How You Think

It’s loaded prying for sure
When charlatan suits ask for
The thoughts rummaging around
In your head.

Know the two answers
Accepting the consequences of both.

First, think in opposites
Using creamy language
To sort of tell the truth
Or at least make the chameleons feel good about themselves.
Then live with that Chicken Little regret
Until the next time you back away from what
You really think

Second, believe in who you are,
The validity of your wisdom,
Sharing the honest perceptions as you see them
Without fear of repercussion,
Though the weak and insecure threaded lizards
Might beat you down for it.

At least you have honor
Albeit at the expense whatever they hold over you

Dissent is necessary.
Confidence is too.
The shallow ones sport understanding that
Reaches the insignificant depth of puddles
With their name dropping, decisions on the teeter-totter,
Or the casual approach after years of the snub
When they come calling wanting to know your opinion
On whatever.
The strong roll with it
Giving the mud toads exactly what they want,
Said nicely with informed honesty
And unfiltered truth

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