Getting Around, Settling Down

Today has been some day
Photos and Comcast got it
Started in a Revolutionary War cemetery
Where the boys and I sat in peace under blue skies
Checking in with my father-in-law.
From there I
Took a journey to west Texas
Following the radio signals back east to Eastland.
They sounded a search of the web
Where I found my father-in-law’s name
Dated in the early 1900s before he was born and
Connected to a small town in Texas
Where I went to kindergarten before settling in the Old Dominion.
Dusting off the tumbleweeds
And reading more found me
In the familiar grounds of Hanover County
Just up the road from my parent’s home
Only now
The date was sometime in the 1670s
Theoretically the beginning and end of this journey

Come on now, I can’t make this stuff up
Two families that have historical parallels
Traveling in similar circles for centuries
Finally meeting under the Half Moon
In Pennsylvania
I can’t explain it
But I’m unwilling to accept coincidence
For this cosmic whirlpool
Spun its mysterious waters
That brought us together
Making the next part of history
All the better

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