Another Intersection in Kermit

I don’t know much about these photos
I can only wonder who took them
Though I have a pretty good idea
And if I’m correct
What are the chances that our grandparents
Were in the same honky tonk
Trying to pass the time in West Texas
Assuming these are there
In the boom times
When someone got rich
Off all that oil in the ground
This connection we have
Is too coincidental to be random
And I’m thinking the heavens
Our paths have been crisscrossing forever



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  1. Chris, just for your background information….. KERC is a radio station headquartered in Eastland Texas. The call letters come from the three small towns each 10 miles apart on the same highway. E is for Eastland, R is for Ranger, C is for Cisco. It was an AM station started in the mid 50’s and is still on the air today. It was started and owned by my Dad, his brother, James and another guy. They sold the station many, many years ago. Since my uncle James was also a photographer (he had a studio) he was probably the photographer of this picture. They used to have bands that were touring in the area play for a “concert”. They also,had bands play in a studio at the radio station studios. Just thought you would find this interesting…. Another bit of trivia…..the little town of Cisco is where Conrad Hilton opened his very first hotel that started the chain. Jim

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