The Time Has Come

I’m watching Drugs, Inc.
The drama is intense and
I’m totally into the code words and
The hype creating the buzz

Today I finished reading High Price
A book just as intense
But more like a code breaker
Putting the drug world hype to the test

The machine of pushers,
Politicians, and publishers
Is a ready made money maker
For anyone on the non-using end

Is it coincidence that the marketing
Comes as cheap product,
More unsubstantiated political shock talk,
And a bunch more money for protection?

What’s left to pasture are the unappreciated users
Often locked up for nothing more than possession,
Lashed by a whip of hysteria,
And shackled to the dead end of prison

So many of these men and women should get a reprieve
Sentenced to beneficial treatment programs
Instead of mandatory incarceration
Where the opportunities amount to just another bad blast

So many would be free of the harshest consequences
Had they lived within a different zip code,
Been afforded high powered representation,
Or had real opportunities to help manage their lives

The time has come for real solutions
Including thought that is progressive beyond just drugs and
Instead of only proposing we get tougher to win the war
Or making all of Manhattan a prison

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