The Shame of It All

Ceremonies to honor the heroic
When their actions are the result
Of fighting some war
Have a ton of honor attached
But I’m always left a bit saddened
That these heroes had to live their greatness
As a result of something
So pointless

For what its worth
I feel nothing for the wars

And I feel tremendously for the vets
They give their lives in countries far away
At the bequest of politicians
Who will never see the horrors of combat
In the real time of destruction

These young people have been asked
To do more than any medal will ever honor
And I can’t stand to see them
Receive so little
For what they have experienced

Would it not be better for
Respect to be the ultimate weapon
Where countries respect the ways
Of others without the encroaching
Ways of ego

I know.

But men and woman should not be forced to choose
Whether or not to jump on a grenade
To sacrifice themselves and save their comrades
They should be living the lives
All of us who do not serve
Get to live…

Full of opportunity
Laden with safety

The young men and women will continue to be heroic
The ceremonies will continue to honor them
That’s the shame of it all

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