Job Satisfaction

The feelings of watching
A pile of rotting wood disappear
Not because of some boring insect
But because of me, my gloves, and an ancient wheelbarrow
Offer so much more
Than the white collar toiling I’m so used to

There is excitement in labor
Hard work with something to show
Sweat beading up, thirst forming
The silence of a squeaking wheel
The roar of a load dumped

Careers are often bereft of this satisfaction
Nothing to show for our efforts but tired in the head
No soothing weariness after some real work

Tomorrow brings a rigorous day of waiting
Until I leave work
A get to tote more lumber

1 Comment

  1. With a white collar-job which has turned out to be increasingly boring and unsatisfacting, I am getting increasingly aware that labour with the hand is a nice change. Be it that I sweep our yard or dig my mother’s garden twice a year or that I clear the sidewalks from snow in winter. And yes, it is a more intensive feeling of being tired afterwards and sometimes, but it is another thing.

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