Last night hanging with my daughter
While my son finally finished high school

Finally only because it takes so long
Not for any other reason

Was such a blast
I think she babysat me
Because of my adult onset uncomfortableness
And disdain for ceremonies of grandeur

The truth is,
Tassels and square hats don’t move me
But the joking with my daughter
As she nearly killed the lady in front of her
By dropping an Emily Bronte book on her head

Not really, the book dropped on an empty seat
The lady was standing at the time

And talking with my son afterwards
Where the smugness of adolescence
Seemed stripped away
And all he could do was smile
Ready for that next step,
Was all I needed.

The circumstances have
Conspired against us
Leaving time too short
I’m older now
No less wiling to submit
Than I was when I walked across
The stage of my graduation
But one thing is for sure

My kids are cool.

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