California Reforming

The gavel is sounding
A thump against teachers
Tenure that oft misrepresented construct
Has been demonized to a point that is inconceivable
No teacher should argue
That bad teachers should keep their jobs
But the possibility of Salem-like boards
Or political winds of whimsy
Once drove teachers to the unions
Now we have forgotten the abuse of the past
And are seeking a return of balance
In the guise of educational reform
But please follow the money
Understand who is financing the attacks
On public education
And understand the lobbyists
Who make a living convincing us our country
Is on the verge of hitting the dark ages

Ask teachers what we want
And you’ll find
We want to teach
My salary is fine
My raise of five hundred per year
Is not making me rich
And if I’m not doing my job
I should be judged by the system
That says tenure is a protection against
Not a shield against incompetence

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