At Yourself

Have you ever noticed
They way people react
When they know the humor
At their expense
Is how they actually
See themselves

Tight muscles
Loose fingers
F-laden verbiage
It’s a crack up
Because we take ourselves
Too seriously

A student asked,
“What ‘s the greatest life lesson you’ve learned?”
I had trouble answering
So many have offered so much
Too often I’ve nodded my head
Faking acceptance of the charitable wisdom

I think though
Getting over myself
Might be the lesson

I’m just a man full of imperfections
Strengths and hopes
Of being better
The edges are sharp
And the corners blunt
But inside my acceptance of me
Is bringing my ability to laugh
At me
And all that true stuff people want to joke about

Let us be okay
When someone jokes of our weak heart
Let us be okay
When someone is snarky about our bitchy ways
Let us be okay
Because as Seuss suggested
It’s more fun when you know
How to laugh

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