Life Without Routine

The normal routine is to
Leave work
Get home
Have a hot coffee
And write away

Today was not normal
Begging the question
Of what to do
When a union shows it’s true colors
The last class of the day turns Breakfast Club
And all I want to do is rummage the night away


Tacos happen.
So I went home like normal
Walked the dog like normal
And abnormally sped away from coffee
With the pooch
For sustenance from the new Mexican joint
Up the way

Thirty minutes ago
The drain of this day
From adults to children
And my inability to keep frustrations in check
Threatened to ruin my night
Thirty minutes ago
Einstein and I broke the routine
Now the two of us are crashed
Under the spell
Of two heavenly tacos tastefully prepared
With just soft shells, pork, and cilantro

The way everything should be

We inhaled the delicacy
No conversation
No analysis of data
No expectation of someone spoon feeding us test answers
Just companionship
And the sharing of food

For after all
We eat with our friends

So cool, so good
A great break from the routine

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