He said, “It’s all Monopoly money.”
I agreed.

In the game of life
Where bills and budgets amount to scrabble
I feel sorry
For anyone unable to keep from breaking the ice
Our leaders can justify
Crazy sums for another battleship
Or other military project
While people in our country
Are grasping like hungry hippos
For any chance to survive
I say we flip some angry birds
To the leaders who ignore the people
While hitting the pay day in their governmental Yatzi
I say we elect someone who can connect four years
Without falling for the trivial pursuits
Of the Democrats, Republicans, or special interest groups
I say we take a risk
And suggest to our leaders that their mouse trap
Has sprung and we call, “Balderdash”
On their self serving bickering
Let them roll the dice
And let us vote
Unencumbered by party or ideology
So maybe the future of politics
Won’t be such a game

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