Purpose and Meaning

Can we get a moment here?
Slow down, World
And I’m not talking the former Sixer
Who reigned “jumpas” as sure
As any shooter could
So long as the rock was leather
Of course

(Back to it)

Really, Life
Explain to me the point
Of a career
Carlin knew it was just about stuff
Which is something I need little of
So what’s the point of working
Why has everything got to come with a cost
I’m sure it’s so people can have more money
But why do they need so much
Because they are worth it?

I guess…

I’m sure World got his
But he also lost it
In the same frenetic environment
That got him paid
For him
The game became
About survival and redemption
Something more noble
Than new rims and a posse
Or sentenced to a big house with stucco
That looks like all the other
Stucco big houses

Maybe if we could slow down
Without the burden of money and
The mortality of bills
We could find true value and meaning
In the things we do

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