Can’t Do It

These days when the message is clear
And I know exactly where I rank
On the popularity scale of adolescent appreciation
I have to remember I work in a noble profession
Where I am paving the roads for future generations

Right now they must be on a bypass

Instead of pickling these frustrations
I’ve gotten to the point
Where the blackest coffee
And the strongest blues
Purge the insincerity of my smile
Letting me keep at it
As the calendar moves on

Right now I must be on a bypass

A man once said, “People are basically good.”
How I want to believe that
But this game of school that is more about
Is hitting a dead end

When will schools be wrestled away from politicians and accountants
When will educators see the bigger picture
Of subjects being the tools
To teach the skills of life
That have more to do with
Communication, goals, decisions, and thinking
Than tests, books, or lessons about the thickness of cervical mucous

I don’t know anymore
Maybe I should stop caring about
Respect and accountability
Maybe I should ignore
Laziness and under performing students
For they don’t seem to care
So long as they can deride my efforts
While still having that “A”

Can’t do it…

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