To Jim

We’ve just met
And I can tell what a good soul you are
So much of your brother emits from you
That I can’t help think
You guys did right by each other
There are times when I see him and
Hear him as I’m learning of you
But those visions are always in your way
All Jim, coincidently Dick

I get the sense
You enjoy hitting that white ball
Just excited to be out on the course
Posting happiness as your score
No matter how many strokes it takes
I also get the sense
You are a romantic at heart
Gentle, loving, and just as important
To your close family
As Poppi was to us
And as he was to you
I’m feeling your pain not just as loss, but
Also with experience
Having lost my brother all too soon
And just as you said at the cemetery
“It just doesn’t make sense,”

It never does

And on those days
When I’m chili dippin’ wedges around the green
Or wishing the fates had been different
For my brother
I think back to the good times
Playing with blocks
Riding roller coasters, or
Just talking with my brother
And the peace returns to my feelings
How I wish we met under different circumstances
But we share great memories of a great man
And the tragedy of losing a brother

Peace be with us

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