Dreaming Dog (Sestina)

He lays on his side deep in sleep
The barks and twitches suggesting a dream
Since coming to his rescue
He’s been an amazing companion
Receiving a family’s love
While learning how to trust


Those days alone tested his trust
The cold cage making it tough to sleep
The handlers more for profit than love
Were living their dream
Caring less about his ability to be a companion
Unless they could reap some green from the rescue


A better sort came to his rescue
Showing him his ability to trust
They knew this pit bull could be a great companion
And put the negative press to sleep
But never in his wildest dream
Did he believe in the power of our love


That first night we fell in love
Without question he would be our rescue
Surpassing our wildest dream
Disarming doubts, giving his trust
In the car nearly going to sleep
Foretelling his desire to be a companion


His baggage would not be his constant companion
Instead he would choose love
Crashing beside each of us in deep sleep
Thankful for his second rescue
The days bringing his calm and deepening trust
That was a realizing of his wildest dream


And now he is into it deeply, a dream
After being that great car riding companion
And I wonder how deep is his trust
How deeply does he feel our love
Is he happy with his rescue
I’m sure he is as he snores restfully in his sleep


He’s there deep in sleep
Certain in his rescue
We’re thankful for his love


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