Group Efficacy Stays Quitters Remorse

That’s how I feel
Crispy and brittle like wonderful bacon
With exhaustion from this morning’s workout

Yet I’m really happy
Still feeling those endorphins
Nearly ten hours later
Through a work day
And on the final sips
Of this cooling coffee
Exhaustion and java
A combination for the most pleasant relaxation

The day started in doubt
The workout daunting
My mental outlook dreading
With each swing of the hips
Each burpee
Mountain climber
And flutter kick
The thoughts of uncertainty
Pushed with stuffy sinuses
To make the fun laborious

The decisive moment came as
I composed a photo
By scanning the box and
In that moment
I saw a similar struggle for others
Who were dealing with their suffering
By choosing to continue
By refusing to give in
By contemplating their capabilities
A word of encouragement came from somewhere
Above maybe, maybe my coach
And things changed

The exercises remained hard
My resolve quit waning
“What are you capable of?”
Came back to my mindset
Cueing up that physical curiosity
That has been a motivating refrain this last month
The others long past my pace
Left the box for a final run
While I Tin Man-ned the rest of my rounds
Until my run was all that was left
Then with bit of indignation and embarrassment
I hit the road

The sky was changing
Morning taking over for night
Pinks splashing the open spaces between dark clouds
And Gump popped into my head
Where running became something cathartic
Something to foster a rebirth
The getting on with it
The last four hundred meters
Being a concert of breath
And light feet like the old days

The hot air of the gym
Might have been too heavy
On another day
But since breathing was momentarily out of the question
All I could muster was a
Convalescing on the wall
While wondering whether the clown would come
Or if the uncle might appear
Still, though, the industrial smell of exercise
Graciously allowed enough oxygen for me
To get my wits back

Only then could I appreciate
The need for others
To spur my modest success this morning
What I saw in their energy
Brought energy to me
What I heard in their encouragement
Encouraged me to continue on
The CrossFit way
Working your butt off
Helping others to work their butt off
And then sitting on your collective butts
Knowing everyone shares in
Each other’s successes


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