Ball and Socket Priorities

Driving home, the Eagles fans are lamenting mediocrity
The snap and crackle in my shoulder
A welcome diversion
From the unappreciative vitriol
Of the radio

Really I could care less about football
Right now
It’s more about delts and rotation
And the heightened enlightenment
After flossing, smashing, and blocking
My scapular girdle into a waft of relaxation
That has been so needed
As the years of neglect have tightened
Into an unfortunately delicate range of motion

My concern with the nuances of read options
Or the past inefficiency of Andy’s clock management
Have sunk to Kardashian depths
Which is about as low on the reality television Geiger counter
As one might go
(Okay, Miley twerking is lower)

But there is more to life
Than sports, school, and television
Which might be surprising coming
From a gym teacher poet

There’s thinking
Listening to your body
PLAYING a sport
Hanging with your family or friends
(Hopefully they are one in the same)

So excuse me if I’m more excited
By the techtonic movement of my shoulder
And the organ grinder that is my humerus right now
The muscles are relaxing
The stretching is working

And the Eagles still haven’t won a Super Bowl…

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