Who Knew

After baseball

When the Tidewater heat was reuniting with the humidity

I used to catch the bus

To shoot hoops at Blow Gym

After awhile this kid named John

Challenged me to some 1 on 1

At his house

And my inept cockiness accepted

The next day

With my generic headphones kicking out some Hooligans

I made the ride

Sure I would have no problem

With the soccer playing cross country runner

Since after all

I was a basketball player

I should have been listening

“Teenage wasteland/They’re all wasted”

Because little did I know

That my friend and opponent

Made up for in hustle

What he lacked in hoops ability

The games were typical suburban, driveway events

Each using the bushes on the right to advantage

And the sidewalk to the left

For the fade away

In the end we traded wins and loses

Called it a day

Both too tired….

Wasted teenagers.

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