She was Not

During second semester
Senior year 1985
After all the college commitments
Were secured
There was still that little
Bit of annoyance
Known as study hall
That had to be survived

Finishing Chemistry homework was out
The points and grade already secured
The Richmond Times Dispatch was
Unable to capture my pre-Internet attention span
So my friend and I concocted a plan,
To pass the time istyle

The westward expansion offered many filmstrips
Complete with cassettes
To prompt the turning of the frame
We checked out the works
Under the guise of edification
But once under the silence
Of the big blue institutional headphones
We popped in a little Easy Lover

She wasn’t…

The librarian
Noticing that the wagon train
Was still on slide one
Suspected something amiss
She was not really the kind of girl we dreamed of
And when the door opened
And she stood staring
I knew there was no changing her

I believed it

So I hustled back
To the paper
Hoping the rest of my senior sentence
Would end


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