These trials

These comedians

These television shows

These activists

These politicians

All playing race

For gain

Showing their “ism”

For what it is.


How hard is it to believe

That skin is not our make up

That “cracker”

Is every bit as offensive as

That word Paula Deen shouldn’t have used

Even when some

Use it for effect

Explaining it away

As, “Y’all don’t understand,”

Well I do

And I don’t

But isn’t there a better way

To argue a point

Than by using the very tactic,

The absurd weapon,

That keeps progress from advancing

Beyond past injustices

And present excuses for race relations

Made by anyone who can’t

See past the rancor from those

Sitting at the table

Or the ones left to

Stir the pot

Maybe we should be thinking

About our diversity differently

How about as PEOPLE

Instead of labels

How about risking

To stand up for what is right

Outside of our pigmentation

Using the gifts inside our skin

Without making jokes about race

Or trying cases under prejudicial pressure

Or basing public policy

On the voting records of skin colorations

And living down the negative stereotypes

Gripping every culture

Whatever the hue

I’ve grown weary of Trayvon

Reverse discrimination affirmative action law suits in Texas

Us versus Them


Discussion of tattoos, beards, stupid white people impersonations

And all the other ways

Intolerance wastes our trust-

Recognize color

Live with it

Through appreciative blinders

Allowing humanity

To go where we should

All go,

Outside the lines

All rights reserved.
All rights reserved.


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