Are You Kidding Me

The moment veiled
The beauty of a steamy June morning
My eyes
Still blinking sleep away
Caught some Seinfeldian
American Gothic
Twilight Zone scene

As I by passed the speed bump
Up ahead
I looked to my right
Seeing the sprawl of transient living
Busting at the studs
Of my neighbor’s suburban rented town home
The boxes and furniture
Were ready for a picking
And the rules of the lease
Were being respected
By the nicotine nagged tenants

This morning
There they stood
Rough and ragged
He without the pitch fork
Sipped from a stained coffee mug
And dragged on a freshly lit cigarette
She stood close missing the java
But more in love with her
Burning stick
Than any pregnant woman
Should ever be

Thank goodness Elaine wasn’t there

The morning dew
Had no chance
Against the smoke
Of these two

Neither did the fetus.

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