The Fortunate… (napowrimo 27)

Channeling some Creedance
While reveling in my second (and third) Insanity
On the best day of the year so far

A morning of culture,
The community yard sale really
Brings them out,
Something like a mix
Of The Walking Dead and
Contestants from The Price Is Right.
The folks wander
Buying stuff on the cheap
Unaware of anyone else
Who might be expecting
To be a greater value
That old set of hinges from Mom-Mom’s attic

It’s the used shoes that get me
Too bayou to be on the rack
No fungus sold among us here

Lest I sound bitter
Understand the sale is worth
The price of admission
My hunt at the bazaar
More photographer
Safari trophy sniper
Where I’m hoping to take life
For what it’s worth

Only what I’m willing to pay

And I wasn’t born with a silver spoon
Nor is there a bad moon rising
So my walk around the flea ridden market
Left everything there
And the memories taken for free
Too bad I missed out on the flippable
Sewing machine base glass table conversion
It was cool, but not worth the risk
As I was on my own
Instead it was
So great that I heard the young husband catching
From his wife for
Going to Goodwill (some day…)
Instead of buying some space
The community yard sale
Their wares locked away
In a cluttered home
Their souls
Out there
For the entertainment value
That made me
The fortunate man

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