Escape to Freedom (napowrimo 24)

Gump’s momma had it right

Life is pretty unpredictable

I started on a walk

With every intention of returning

To write an angry poem

Ready to skewer all that

Stuck in my craw today

The snide remarks and ….

Enough of that.

Instead what happened

Turned my better edge up

A former student stopped on the road

To show off his booming speakers

That nearly rattled the welds

Of his Blazer apart

He shared of his recent hunting trip to Texas

And the bounty of nuisance boar

He had bagged

Once he and I would have had that relationship

Where I would have been the pig

Maybe we’ve both grown up


An old guy pulled along side

To rag on my love of the Cowboys

His blood running deep with the blue from NY

We used to talk a lot

When we were both at the Y

Having moved on

It was so nice to fall right back into that old conversation

His coolness always brought out smiles from me

So after this day of too many

Ridiculous happenings at work

I was glad to not know what was coming

The shock of it

Most refreshing

On a really beautiful day


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