Tee What Up

Young Kid: Ahhh, long and straight. It’s time for the whoopin’ stick. Can I try your driver?

Old Guy: Sure. Just be careful. You don’t want to screw yourself into the ground. I’d wait until that group clears. Looks like they’re looking for a ball.

Young Kid: You’re right. I just hate sitting here. I’m ready to play.

Old Guy: Nice day, cool breeze, easy time. Enjoy it. Sometimes it’s good to be still.

Young Kid: That’s what my dad says. He’s like, “if there’s too much going on, you’ll get worn out.”

Old Guy: Good for your father.

Young Kid: But then he starts preaching all of this religion stuff. I don’t buy it. What about you?

Old Guy: When I was your age I didn’t. I couldn’t make the connection to stuff I couldn’t see. Now, I’m not sure. There’s too much that I can’t see that I accept, so I’m caught wondering how is that different than having faith in something?

Young Kid: I know, but come on, who would let their own child be killed? Child services would be on him in a flash. Really?

Old Guy: I’m on your side there, but could it be that people have organized their religions around themes that are not consistent with there being a god? Could there be something that we should believe in without someone else telling us what to believe? Why does your ball curve when you hit it?

Young Kid: Physics.

Old Guy: Who invented physics? Scientists only recognize it’s existence. It already had to be there for them to find it?

Young Kid: Okay, I’ll give you that, but what about evolution. Are you going to tell me that is some being playing Lego with us and that’s how we came to be.

Old Guy: I can’t discount evolution any more than I can discount Christianity. In a way, isn’t science it’s own religion? It just has commandments called objectivity and empiricism.

Young Kid: Alright. What do you think about heaven?

Old Guy: Maybe. Maybe not.

Young Kid: You don’t seem to care much about this. My dad is worried about being saved and respecting his calling.

Old Guy: Good for your father. I mean that in the nicest way. People need to believe in something. For him it’s in God and a better place. For you it seems like you need proof of something. I really just want to lead a good life. If I am doing the best I can for my family and the people that I come in contact with, then I am in a good place. Heaven? Hell? What’s the point? And if I have to believe in a god through fear, that’s not what I choose to believe. Hell, I can watch the news or listen to the politicians for all the fear mongering I can handle. As my friend says, “Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don’t say it mean.” Cliche, but a totally good way to live. No malice, no floods, no plagues, no spectres. Simple living within my means. That’s what I believe in. Now get up there and hit that ball.

(The kid hits it long and straight down the fairway.)

Young Kid: WOW! Did you see that?! How’d that happen?

Old Guy: Divine intervention, I suppose.

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