I’m not one to say, “I told you so,”
Nor am I one to revel in the pain of others,
I don’t even have it in me to gloat.


I told you so,
Hurts? Not hurting me a bit,
Ahh, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!


So sorry for your pain,
That lack of control you feel,
“Shoulda” listened…


We ran in the woods,
I took the lead to set the pace,
I didn’t want to spend the day chasing,
More like getting lapped,
She’s must faster than I am.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost twenty-two years,
From a snot nosed kid, to a pain in the butt adult,
I love her, one of my best hanging partners,
Now a full fledged woman,
Long gone are her days in diapers.

On the last lap, she took charge,
I just let her go, walking whenever I needed to slow,
She’d look back and humor her old man
Knowing it was in her best interest to stay close
Since I was paying for breakfast.

Ah, Friday, autumn is in full swing,
Fall sports are nearly done,
Leaves are everywhere, and all I can do is sit
Staring at the television with arms weary,
The weight of the week plus the lifting off weights
Making them heavy and satisfied
Grateful for gravity, charity, and discipline.

It’ll be bed time soon,
Fog might rise tonight and in the morning
I’ll run on a narrow trail with my kid
Who’ll probably tell me I’m too slow, but
That’s cool because it’s true,
Old too, but she knows better than to poke the bear too hard
Because I might just shuffle along faster than she wants.

Or I might make her pay for breakfast…


That once every three or four years affirmative phrase
Goes through our school like…a…v…
Well it’s too soon to make those comparisons,


We were sitting in an empty classroom,
Except of course for the four of us,
Spread apart like a couple of Army guys fearing grenades when


A innocent converstation starter came out, as in the open,
And we tried to make sense of it in a non-military way,
Given the battle between hybrid heads and virtual va-neverminds

“Basic Educational Tactics”

Ah, a simple acronym for describing what is lost in school
Basic educational tactics, schooling, learning,
Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

Not all this other stuff,

Social work, lack of accountability, getting kids to turn their cameras on
We used to teach, now we coerce, cajole, and cater,
We are more like a failing business giving out deals than leaders in education.


The day started with spinning,
Not on a bike, but old school,
Tibetan style, with muscles loosening,
Breath waking up, and a mind made clear.

Treadmill time passed quickly,
Made better by a podcast
Where talk of accepting struggles as opportunities
Set the tone for a day of gratitude.

Then it was more “good” from the Seal,
Followed by a preacher sermonizing about struggle
And I knew I was in the midst of a collision,
Definitely, in store for a challenging day,

Thank you? Bueno? Amen?

School started as it always does,
Coffee and quick conversation,
Before two classes of virtual instruction,
A morning staring at a faceless class. (Thank you.)

The afternoon brought students sleeping,
Not just sleeping, but turning in with their cameras on,
Face buried in a pillow,
Night light on. (Bueno.)

Practice went well, the last of two,
The girls know it’s almost over,
Their attention for drills and conditioning gone,
Leaving scrimmaging as the saving grace. (Amen.)

The temper within
Must be tamed or unleashed completely,
Never directed at people,
Never accepted as the way,
Only used to fuel whatever the project,
The purpose, the issue.

The temper within
Cannot be a fossil fuel
Burning dirty, hot, and molten
Harnessing a clean source of purpose,
A renewable energy for growing,
For creating, for being happy.

The temper within
Drives the man wherever he allows
Be in control,
Be full of restraint,
Using discipline to manage instinct,
To manage impulse, to manage you.

Yo, Hub, it’s back,
The manuscript, the one with the words,
The one with the guy on the journey,
Yep, that’s the one.

The time away has been refreshing,
Renewing, leaving a new found verve,
Maybe some sustainable energy,
We’ve heard that before somewhere else.

I’m ready to see where he takes us,
Parts unknown, pasts reconfigured,
The places where we never thought he’d go
Wise, risky, unafraid of what some might think.

It’s time for me to get my shit out of my locker,
To blow through doubt, distraction, and the
Dearth of worry that I feel when it’s time to get serious,
Ain’t nothin’ to it…