Perspectives: 115/365

Amy Thomson (Yoga Studio Owner, Eight Bars)

Good keeps good going
Disagreeing goes on too
Bad programs get cut

Perspectives: 114/365

Scott Thomson (General Practitioner, Eight Bars Member)

My wife’s yoga studio is taking off,
My practice is ready for a change,
I’m moving in with her
And we’ll run our businesses together.

I’m having second thoughts about
This Eight Bars thing.
Life is not about ripping this apart,
It’s about coming together.

Perspectives: 113/365

Meg Nichols (Art Teacher)

If they get rid of sports and music,
What’s next?
Home Ec, Art, electives in general???
There’s an assault on what is taught,
They are learning that education is disposable,
Only worth the cost
If there is an efficiency
In getting to the next place.
We have forgotten, no, stomped on,
The idea that we teach people,
That lessons aren’t simply right or wrong answers,
That school is devoid in the teaching of responsibility,
That there is more to a GPA that 4.0.
It’s a shame, too,
I have some great artists in my program,
They have talent and the art intelligence that is
More motivating for them than
Some sort of trendy educational movement
Or some politically designed program
To redistribute the funding for public schools and
The arts.
No, it’s about a lack of vision
Of the full
For each student.
It’s too bad that people are unable to recognize
That lessons come from everywhere, sports, music, and the arts.

Perspectives: 112/365

Len Simpson (Music Teacher)

Someone suggested
Music is not a core class.

Tell that to researchers,
Who say music is tied to math.

What do sports offer?
Concussions and controversy.

Perspectives: 111/365

Jeffrey Holmes (Anesthesiologist, Music Friends of Sports)

How is it
Extracurricular and non-core subjects
Are running
The debate
What a good
All about?

Better yet,
How is it
That money and ego
Holistic components
Of learning?

Doesn’t it seem,
Manipulate, massage, and
Mess up
Comes so naturally
In youth,
Our innate
Desire to play.

Perspectives: 110/365

Alfie Pearce (Mushroom Grower, Music Friends of Sports)

Bad news, good news
The municipality denied our application
To start growing weed,
They had concerns about the possibility kids would do drugs,
Like the drugs aren’t already here,
But the good news is that my application is still open and
A study suggests that the so-called memory loss
Kids have when they smoke,
Only lasts about 72-hours!

Eight Bars? Sports and music?
I might have heard Amelia say something about that.

I just can’t remember.

Perspectives: 109/365

Bill Bryant (Football Coach)

I knew Mark Watts in high school.
He never had a chance to walk-on anything.
Now he has it in his blockhead
That cutting sports is the answer to the problem in sports.

He fails to realize,
He lives in a small town.
More than fifty percent of the students
Do not even participate in sports.

I heard one of our league schools
Had nearly two hundred kids
Tryout for football. We had forty-five.
“Hey, Mark, remember skipping math class?”

Perspectives: 108/365

Mark Watts (Former Athlete, Eight Bars Member)

People have me wrong,
I’m not against sports.
I’m against the sports program in Taylorville.
I played high school sports,
Nearly walked on a small college baseball program,
So I think I know what I’m talking about,
Besides, I coach rec league.
I know kids.

We always win,
Our kids are dominant,
That is
They get to the high school.
How come we never win?
How come other kids get recruited.
It has to be coaching and
Since the district won’t make changes
We don’t want to have our tax money
Used to fund a fraudulent endeavor.
Give the money to the band.

How insulting will that be for those coaches?

Perspectives: 107/365

Jack Dean (Finance Guy, Eight Bars Member)

Golfers go through coaches all the time,
We wonder how come, with
All that coaching, the professionals
Go through streaks,
Where they just can’t hit.

I haven’t been paying attention
To this stuff, my wife is more involved
Than me, but I can’t help but think
That high school kids
Are going to have more things
To fix than can be coached out of them
In a season lasting ten or twelve weeks.

Maybe these two groups need a mulligan.
A do-over because the way I see it,
Public education can’t survive
The constant attacking.

I’m stuck between clubs here,
The way I see it goes only so far,
The way my wife sees things,
Makes my perspective quite the hazard.

Perspectives: 106/365

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

Back when there were strikes
In the mushroom farms,
I thought this town was done.
They started tearing down old buildings and
Replacing them with new ones.
There were no stores, no restaurants, nothing,
But a couple of barbershops
With long lines for a generic cut.

Then the open space got bought up,
The McMansions sprouted like shiitakes
In that hot mushroom soil.
Yuppies moved in and demanded
More from the schools.
The restaurants came back, Wal-Mart
Moved in, and a Great Clips brought
On-line registering.

Now, these chuckleheads are ruining things.
They argue about potential
That only exists in the dreams of
Those different kinds of mushrooms.
They figure their kids are about the best thing going,
Unable to see what happens when small pond fish
Get into the vast sporting ocean.
They need someone to blame.
Coaches are easy targets.
After this is over, perhaps they will have themselves to blame.