Perspectives: 55/365

Sam Brown (Sales)

I was never much of an athlete,
Loved the game despite my lack of greatness,
But I have the bug to stay around sports,
So I do,
But my kid can’t play either.
She’s great on the clarinet,
Making the most beautiful sounds
I’ve ever heard
And these people who want to use music
As a wedge against their disappointment in their “sports” coaches
Are making me crazy.

I think I’m a pretty good judge of people
It’s kind of a necessary skill in sales,
I see bad people in that Eight Bar crowd
And I’ll do what it takes to keep sports in Taylorville,
I’ll do what it takes to get my daughter respect
Because the music kids work hard too,
They get yelled at,
And they turn out just fine.
It’s crazy to me that we think we are protecting our kids
With skin so thin.
Can’t wait to hear the band at the next game.

Perspectives: 54/365

Moths fly for a short time,
Do they enjoy the brief life?

If an eyeball pops out,
Can you turn it around and see behind you?

Random thoughts on life,
On the struggle to understand school perceptions.

We wonder if more guns are the answer,
We wonder if sarcasm is higher order or detrimental,

We can’t understand the nature of sports and music
Or the value parents and kids place on them.

Here come the other side’s husbands…

Perspectives: 53/365

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

Earlier I spoke of men following women
Down the rabbit hole of frustration
With the coaching in Taylorville.

The funny thing was those athletic supporters
Wanted to drop everything that is sports
In favor of bolstering the music program.

Now another group of women
Is speaking passionately about the importance of the teams
As a part of the whole school community.

The funny thing is their docile husbands
Are taking up the Asiatic conflict of their wives
In stark contrast to their gym avoiding proclivities.

Perspectives: 52/365

Amelia Pearce (Stay at Home Mom/PTO President)

They think they know best,
The ones who are after everything,
College scholarships,
The Santa Claus life for their kids
Where everything is a gift
Unwrapped without any accountability,
Without any appreciation,
Without a true sense of what it means
To actually earn anything.

They blame the coaches or teachers
When their perfect little one
Does not live up to their expectations.
They forget that their jobs are not to give,
But to raise, to allow their children to fail,
To have to adapt, to struggle.
Each time parents complain to me about a teacher or coach,
I tell them to relax,
To remember what we were like as kids, and
How life goes on after high school.

Perspectives: 51/365

Olivia Holmes (Gynecologist)

My office has the sweetest sounds,
I prefer Baroque.
The atmosphere is tense enough,
So I play classical all day.

I don’t understand the competition
Inherent in sports,
That atmosphere is tense enough,
Isn’t it supposed to be play?

Perspectives: 50/365

Inez Taylor (Realtor)

Location, location, location,
Cliche, I know,
But the truth is
These wackos have picked the wrong place
To fight about getting rid of sports.

Band parents go through the same emotions
As the overly enamored with themselves sports sect,
And they’re supposed to be so tough,
Yet they whine and drive their fancy SUVs
With the numbers stuck on the rear windows.

I hope none of them ask me to sell their homes,
Although, it would be nice
To see them go.

Perspectives: 49/365

Ruby Brown (Coffee Shop Owner)

I don’t understand these complainers
My band kids get yelled at all the time.
Sometimes they even get yelled at
By the conductor on a microphone.

I don’t have a problem with the yelling,
My business runs the way it does
Because the employees are accountable to me,
After all, it is my business.

Perspectives: 48/365

The Haiku Anti-Heroines

Ruby Brown (Coffee House Owner)

My business rocks
We serve hundreds daily
Live music plays, too

Inez Taylor (Realtor)

Homes don’t sell themselves
I hustle for my clients
Success sounds so sweet

Olivia Holmes (Gynecologist)

Each day I go there
Providing women with care,
They need compassion

Amelia Pearce (Stay at Home Mom/PTO President)

We demand so much
How are teachers surviving
It’s all take, take, take


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