Hot Coffee Gone Cold: Basement Dwelling

“Culture is the intersection of people and life itself. It’s how we deal with…” Wendell Pierce


Heats soothing action
Robbed from coffee by winter
Microwave upstairs


Mornings after a snow are different
They are quieter, the accumulation is heavy
Like layers of blankets
On a cozy bed.
Heaters whir a meditative manta
That soothes and invites thoughts
Of shared warmth and hot coffee
As opposed to its air conditioning whine
That seems more about survival than relaxing.
People stay home after a snow,
The roar of traffic is absent,
Sirens are not needed, and the birds huddle quietly.
We walk, my dog and me, with the soft crunch of powder
Giving the winter sound that has me thinking
About mornings on the beach
When cool sand yields to bare feet and rhythmic waves
Take the place of humming heaters.
Either way, we are content.

Party People: They

“And once you cease to be a real person, you stop being a real person.” Scott Speedman

They talk.
They talk about nothing.
They talk about nothing all day.
They talk about nothing all day and night.

They get together.
They get together for drinks.
They get together for drinks and talk.
They get together for drinks and talk about nothing.

All day.
All night.
Every day.
Every night.

Party People: Trois

“And once you cease to be a real person, you stop being a real person.” Scott Speedman

What is it, really?
Is it a wink and a nod?
Is it wrapped in jargon?
Is even definable.

My students said that only numbers are real.
I don’t like math so I couldn’t agree with them,
But they might be right
I like to think I’m progressive,
I just confused on when people are real.

Perhaps it has to do with integrity.
Maybe honesty, sincerity, or some other thing
We can’t see.
Let me live within my ego’s means,
Let me stay true to my values,
Let others see me for who I am.

Party People: Stealth

“And once you cease to be a real person, you stop being a real person.” Scott Speedman

Scarce are the times when letting a guard down is a good thing,
There are too many opportunities to make social mistakes.
Getting burned never feels good, but
Igniting the flames on yourself
Chars like nothing else.

Leaving the recklessness to others is an art,
Jumping into conversations like an enzyme starting reactions,
Then letting the others players make their way
Keeps the heat away
In the coolest way possible.


Daily drama,
Our stupidity has come alive
Represented through the people
We elected.

We, a term that suggests unity,
Of course I know a few,
Me being one,
Who did not vote for the current power,
But We has long been lost in America.

I got mine…
What’s in it for me???
Me, me, me…

We have no values.
We share no goals.
We fail to understand compromise.

We are to blame.

It’s getting boring.

Party People: Facades

“And once you cease to be a real person, you stop being a real person.” Scott Speedman

Who hides behind the mask?
The one unsure of who she is.
What need does a mask play?
Serving to advertise a fading image.
Where does the mask come from?
A catalog, chain store, or Amazon.
When does the mask come off?
In private.
Why mask your true personality?
To hide the pain of insecurity.

Call upon confidence to be true
Real is better than fake
For the trappings of the imaginary you
Makes for pits filled with snakes
Or at least the unintended interpretations
Of the false advertising
So blatantly hocked by your ever-changing masks,
Denial, and unavoidable journey through the ages.
Let yourself be real,