Perspectives: 336/365

National Institution of Sports for High Schools

The goal of our institution is to create
An atmosphere
For safe, balanced, and honored sportsmanship
In high school athletics.

We have oversight of state athletic federations
And this fiasco in Taylorville
Will be dealt with using a combination of efforts
To get athletics back on track for the students.

PAELLA, the Pennsylvania Adult Education for Lasting Learning Act
Will be used to enlighten the adults involved in this ridiculousness
The proper values of sports in the schools…
And the proper roles of adults in sports.

Webinars to follow…

Perspectives: 335/365

The Newspaper

Pop up protests are happening,
We thought we would be immune
Because we have been neutral in this battle,
But we looked out to see a large group of students,
Standing in our parking lot
Holding reporter’s notebooks
And writing things down.

We went out to see what was going on,
They put their notebooks down and left.
Each page said the same thing,

“Have an opinion.”

Perspectives: 334/365

The Fitness Center

People were just milling about in front of our gym,
Patients were late for appointments,
Classes could not start on time.
The kids never said why they were out there.

We haven’t done anything, but
Why are they getting in the way
Of the businesses that feed them?

So disrespectful.

Perspectives: 333/365

The Coffee Shop

My customers could not get in,
They totally interfered with my business,
I can’t believe my kid was in that crowd.

Who do they think they are?
Protesting never works.
Protesting only costs money.

Perspectives: 332/365

Horace Taylor’s Flower Shop

We were just about to open,
Saturdays usually start quickly
With weddings and banquets and all,
We open the door
To put the sidewalk sign out
They were on the curb,
Not too in the way,
But the sidewalk is not wide,
I wondered why they were there,
I yelled out to them,
They just walked away.
The last person was Blair.
He looked away and just kept going.
That’s when I knew what was happening.

Kettlebell Haiku

Swinging kettlebells
Reverse pivot then snapping
An action for life