Sure was nice blowing this day off
An easy lift, no running, no work,
Just a whole bunch of football.

I know days should not be wasted
We only have a finite number of them,
But it felt right.

missed writing last night,
aging makes the nights hard,
working all day,
talking to the computer,

why is it our fault when the kids check out?
when they don’t particpate, get out of bed??

this morning i woke to rain,
the condition i hate running in the most,
so i did it anyway, going jocko and goggins,
no excuses, get it done

why are the things we hate so important to do?
For reslilience, to show we’re still human..

being with friends was good,
the rain warm, cleansing, a perfect start to this year
more nature than virtual
more man, less machine.

I am too tired to write
My mind is dull from staring a a computer screen all day
It’s barely 7:30 (not even) and I’m ready for bed
Teeth brushed,
Bladder drained,
Covers tucked back,
I will sleep through this night
I won’t even know I’m here
My mind will be gone
Tripping on its own endorphins
With dreams of fancy
Hopes of being digital free

Free of the logarithms
Free of the advertising
Free of the blue light
Free of that kryptonite feeling

They are spreading an ultraviolent brain busting pixie dust on my forehead. All day on a computer, talking to initials, not faces
has me losing my IQ, common sense,
my verve, the Quaker light.

I ask them to turn on their screens, to participate in discussions,
but they only take…lectures, breaks, naps. It’s dulling, mind deadening, frustrating…

The new normal…