Perspectives: 264/365

Max Brown (Flute, Music Friends of Sports Parents)

This is my last year of playing the flute,
Now the other kids in the band are calling me Jethro.
All this time and I finally get recognized for something,
It wasn’t Mr. Simpson, my parents, or some judge,
It was my classmates for the other day
When we played Aqualung.

That was the first time I enjoyed playing,
How come we can’t play more songs like that,
Why do we have summer reading,
What is the purpose of the reading the classics,
I just don’t get the point of school
Especially in a year like this.

Needing a Win

Moral victories
Poor substitutions for wins
I’m sick of losing

X-Fit Mentality Haiku


Digging into the depths
Doubting with each new level
Such a great feeling


Photo Credit: By Senior Airman Dennis Sloan, Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Perspectives: 263/365

Sara Holmes (Violin, Music Friends of Sports Parents)

When I hit a bad note,
He puts his fingers together and
Tells that dumb violin joke.

Today, I told him what I thought,
He seemed not to care, but
At least he had the decency not to put his fingers together.

Perspectives: 262/365

Blair Taylor (Drums, Music Friends of Sports Parents)

My parents are essentially fighting for him,
His colleagues,
And all of the kids in band and music.

He won’t even consider he might be
What the parents of the jocks
Are complaining about with the coaches.

Why are we protecting this guy,
I hear the coaches are actually talking with
Their players.

5,000 Each Leg?

Lunging not the way
Sedentary, not good either
A choice to be made
To live static, stuck in place
Or dynamic and lunging

The Seventeenth Haiku

So much rain falling
No break from humidity
Winter might come soon

Perspectives: 261/365

Grant Pearce (Guitar, Music Friends of Sports Parents)

You know how people look at you and
You can tell that they aren’t listening,
You keep talking, they keep blowing
You off, that was
He never wanted to know,
He never cared,
He was just doing what he did
For the show.
That’s him.

Perspectives: 260/365

Len Simpson (Music Teacher)

Seriously, we have to meet with the kids
To find out how we can be better?

I don’t care what they think,
I tell, they do, that’s the way it is.

Back in the day, I had complaints about my teachers,
But my voice wasn’t there to be heard.

I was there to learn,
To do what I was told.

Perspectives: 259/365

Maya Thomson (Soccer, Eight Bars Parents)

Coach made it seem like she wasn’t upset,
But I heard from someone we both know
That she might quit.

I can’t blame her,
It would be a shame,
But I wouldn’t want her life.