Perspectives: 234/365

Ruby Brown (Coffee Shop Owner, Music Friends of Sports Parent)

I’ve had to start kicking kids out of my shop,
They come in here so angry,
What’s going on in that school to make the kids
Act this way.

They hate study hall,
They hate the teachers,
The hate the principals,
It’s out of hand.

Get Out of Your Lane

Natural human behaviors
Seem so unfathomable to me.
I hear “the way people should act,”
And I wonder why it is that
I am unable
To do them naturally?

Why don’t I ask how others are feeling?
Why do I avoid delving into others’ personal lives?
I want them to be okay,
I care that they not suffer,
I know coping is not easy,
Yet, I feel like I shouldn’t ask how they are.

Living blindly.

Probably, all of those,
But being on the inside doesn’t feel good to me.
After a life of looking away
I don’t know how to look out of me,
Even though, I won’t hurt others
Except when I’m not asking, I hear that I really am.

I’m sorry, everyone,
I haven’t got people figured out,
Maybe I gave up on them after my brother died,
Or my coach went to prison, or I understood
How badly people can treat each other.

Perhaps I retreated,
Thinking that if I just go day to day
That would be enough.
The logic being, I can’t be hurt
If I don’t bother with others.
Am I wrong?

Perspectives: 233/365

Grace Watts (School Aide, Eight Bars Parent)

Finally, I get to control study hall
The way I see fit.
They will learn how to act,
They will use their study hall to study.

Maybe the coaches can learn something
About creating a culture of discipline.
If they do, our athletic programs will be better.
I’m in control now.

Perspectives: 232/365

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

We had to assign seats on the bus and
Take headphones from kids
So they couldn’t listen to music on the bus.

That came from the district,
We’re just a family owned business,
Why would we want trivial issues to mess with our model?

But we serve two masters,
The parents and the district.
The district pays us.

Back to Work Tomorrow

Back to Work Tomorrow
All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

Goodbye summer…

Perspectives: 231/365

Jerry Dean (Basketball Player, Eight Bars Parents)

Twelve years of school,
Not once to the office,

Now a Saturday school…

I’m not going,
They can suspend me,

We all know it’s no big deal.

How much longer will we play this game,
How long before we get to play games.

It’s up to the adults.

Mothers Forever At Book Baby

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Clashing air masses,
Booming sounds leading to tapping paws,
A pit bull’s nails on hardwood
At two in the morning.

The standard tricks not working,
A blanket for security,
An arm to stop the shaking,
Nothing worked.

Until the technology did more than memes
When YouTubes’s background noise relaxed shaking muscles.
Who knew Tibetan bowl music would have such an effect?

Eventually, the storm moved along,
The bells and bowls kept chiming,
Dog and dad kept snoring, and
The leaves barely clinged to the branches.

Perspectives: 230/365

Janelle Gibson (Taylorville Athletic Director)

Alannah got thrown under the bus,
This whole thing is wrong on every level.

Coaches need to be aware,
Players need to be aware of a coach’s philosophy,
Parents need to let their kids figure things out,
Communities need to come together,

And superintendents cannot just be politicians.

Perspectives: 229/365

Alannah Alvarado (Taylorville High School Principal)

He calls me,
“Start suspending kids, Alannah.”

Now he makes it seem like my plan,
“I wish I could afford to quit.”