Perspectives: 292/365

Alannah Alvarado (Taylorville High School Principal)

None of this was of my doing

Why would I ever want to hurt the children,

To aggravate the parents,

To hurt my reputation.

This came from the central office

They have different priorities

Money first,

Regulations second,

People are way off in the distance.

Perspectives: 291/365

Ralph Higgonbothem (Taylorville Schools Superintendent)

They are in a tough spot,

The principal and athletic director,

Middle managers,

Who must do whatever they are told,

With just enough authority to raise their pay.

I get to clean things up, to look good.

This, too, will end that way.

Perspectives: 290/365

Janelle Gibson (Taylorville Athletic Director)

Some coaches are grumbling,
They wonder why they are being treated so poorly
By the school district.
They wonder what the hours on the fields and courts
Are worth to the district.
I can’t answer to them because I’m supposed to
Speak for the district.

It hurts.

Perspectives: 289/365

Alannah Alvarado (Taylorville High School Principal)

Money gained,
From money lost,
Feels like money stolen, and
I feel like the recipient of ill gotten goods.

How are Ralph and Clark
Able to justify this poorly masked Robin Hood caper?
They always talk about family,
This is not that.

Perspectives: 288/365

Clark Burgess (Business Administrator)

We ran this by our solicitor,
They need to know that any grievance
Will fail.

Also, we should all recognize
The money we are saving this year.
There will be a bonus paid to your school’s general account.

You can use the bonus as you see fit,
But that’s only if we hold our line.
Soon the Spring season will be cancelled.

I’ll transfer the money when that happens.

Perspectives: 287/365

Ralph Higgonbothem (Taylorville Schools Superintendent)

They can grieve all they want,
Supplementals get paid
When the supplemental gets done.

We are under no obligation to honor
The contracts if the seasons are not played.
The students protested, the coaches don’t get paid.

Each of you must present this to your groups
Janelle, you tell the coaches,
Alannah, you tell the music department.

Perspectives: 286/365

Terry Moore (Taylorville Education Association Rep)

We are aware of the problems,
We are looking into filling a grievance
Because the contract is vague
Where cancelling the season and pay in concerned.

Is everyone up on their dues?

We must stick to together,
Because a union can only be strong
When all of the members
Are acting as one.

Make sure to sign those dues cards.

Perspectives: 285/365

Meg Nichols (Art Teacher)

Athletes and musicians,
Do they see a bigger picture in anything.
These kids are great,
They have taken a stand,
Stuck to their principles, and are accepting
Of the consequences.
They are clear in their position,
They are living with purpose.

It’s not just about winning and losing,
It’s more than notes at halftime.
It’s about having perspective.