Doc, Why Does Everyone Hate You

I’m a gym teacher
Likely characterized as a progressive traditionalist
Or worse depending on who
You are talking to
Often I reflect on my teaching
In the context
Of what I went through as a student
I’m trying to understand what I do
Based on my likes and dislikes
As a student all those decades ago

I liked real teachers
Who weren’t afraid to have an opinion
Who saw the world with realistic eyes
Who kept up with present day knowledge
Who could joke without being hurtful
Who gave the feedback that was hardest to hear
Unfortunately, I didn’t have many teachers like that

The ones who weren’t, though,
We’re still good people
Deserving of respect and
Afforded decent human treatment
Even though, I was not enamored by their styles

So I try…

Try to talk with students light heartedly
While giving them things to think about
That might be different from the “party lines”
Teaching them that resilience and attention to detail
Will be greater factors in their success
Than book smarts, AP classes, or athletic prowess
Try to talk with them sternly,
With examples from real life,
When their adolescent arrogance
Needs a dose of an older person’s wisdom

I try…

Never am I concerned with like or
For the students don’t deserve to be judged that way
I lean towards patience
Which can sometimes be fleeting, but it
Can be extended by a thoughtful talk
About whatever the moment has wrought
Then the moment is over and
Everyone moves on
No like or dislike
Just move on

Maybe I came upon this philosophy
Later in life.
Maybe I am expecting too much
From those so young in life…
I guess
That’s just the way it is

I shouldn’t care, but I do

So I’ll keep being who I am
Seeing gym classes for their potential
To have the students learn about stuff
Not really in a book
To have students testing their physical capabilities
Which is more a mental exercise than anything

And if my young students
Want to hate me for that
So be it

Because in the same vein as:

Freed (12th grade: American Government)
Oweis (7th grade: Pre-Algebra)
Fuchs (12th grade: English)
Helion (Graduate School)
Owens (10th grade: Typing)
Alexander (9th grade: Geometry)
Poland (10th-12th grade: English and Drama
Yates (7th grade: American History)
Frazer (Doctoral Advisor), and
Miller (12th grade: Chemistry)

I’m going to be me
Hoping my students might be influenced
The way my teachers
Got inside my head


The funny thing about the teachers listed is that I remember very little of the content they taught me. What I remember is the life lessons each gave to me. Each was tough. Each was blunt. Each had supporters and detractors.

All were great for me.


This is one of those days
Where thanks is given
For the fortunate events taking place
All those years ago
A son and mother
Sharing the same birthday
Making more than a coincidental bond

Happy birthday, y’all.

There You Have It

Conversations about
My mental constitution
Which I’d have to say
Is pretty damn normal to me

I have opinions:
Our drug policies are misguided
Our reliance on fad education is unfortunate
Too many people are followers
Not enough are thinkers
And sarcasm is too smart for most

I have a personality:
Preferring to write over party
Keeping a straight face while laughing hard
Be it book, movie, or TV, I don’t care
Today country music is my favorite
But it could just as easily be reggae

I wonder about stuff:
Why people hurt others
Why the Patriots seem to cheat
How come money seems so important
Why CrossFit is so angry or defensive
Can Presidents be successful


That may be
I couldn’t give a horse dropping
Whether people accept my ways or not
I have friends who know me well
And most importantly a family who loves me for me
That’s all I can ask for

Not weird.
Just me,
A dude trying to live
As happily as possible.

Sorry for your interpretation of me…

Here It Comes

The hype rarely
Ever lives
Up to reality
Big games, big snow,
Eating out
It’s never as exciting, bad,
Or tasty
As the marketing
Would suggest.

Of course sometimes…

PECO Haiku

No power today
Sucks with snow storms on the way
Sure is cold in here

Keeping a Beat

Roads beckoning
Their pavement slicked
Under icy rain
Have an allure
Wrought with risk and uncertainty
Each mile a chance
To take in something new,
Getting away from the routine.
The mundane
Left behind.
Noon has not yet arrived
The gray from last night’s Nor’Easter
Casts a dreariness over the town
That levied a cautiousness
Across the public
While providing a boon to the private
The library shut down denying
Those wanting Kerouac or Hemingway
And bringing a line to the distributor
For those wanting to wash down
The boredom of Saturday morning television
With Bud or Miller
Maybe it’s time to forgo the weather wheel lock
Getting onto the briny asphalt
Letting the horses feed a spirit to
Scramble along
In the wet, the gray, and the
Colors of winter

Wood Grain Abstraction


All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

Thanks, Kurt

Reading so late last night
Left me wanting more
At the end of the book
Where war fostered time travel
I asked Nod to help keep
Images of Billy P. with me
Through the sleepy night

I awoke to a multitude of vividness
Stars shining brightly
A sun rising with Van Gogh in mind
Automotive service so superb
Quiet moments over a stone
Followed by Asia singing , Don’t Cry
Almost as if a DJ was riding along
In my cowboy Cadillac
Exams that read so well
My students knocked it out
The warmth of couch time with my dog
All happening in a time frame
That seemed to stand still

Tonight I’ll sleep
Without time travel or
Burning cities as instigators for rest
But tomorrow I’m expecting
The same awareness for all the good things
That are out there
When we step away for a day

Reality Based Preparation

Nine pages of text
About how to teach a squat
I’m not sure
That will get it done
I mean, really, university of justification
Is it reasonable to have
Prospective teachers laboring
On tombs of lessons plans
Or better for them to work with students
Developing a feel for teaching
As Steve Martin used to say,
“But, noooooooooo!!!”
You will write these lesson plans
With our accreditation in mind
And you will like it

Trying to sequence
Each minute of a lesson plan
Is ridiculous
The ways of a class are not scripted
The components of content are not concrete
There’s just too much happening to predict
In some contrived lesson plan

A little planning goes a long way
I’d rather student teachers spend more time reflecting
Noticing the good and bad of lessons
Learning from real experiences
Not planning fake shxx, I mean stuff

So university experts on the sanctity of PE
Step down from your noble and worthy
Perches of research and publication
Taking a moment to hear
What the practitioners are saying
Then let’s find some common ground
To plan
Teacher preparation programs

Get Busy Living

Epic journeys
Following sacred experiences
Test the spirit, enrich the mind.
Why too often
Do we lock ourselves
In the confinement of safety,
The routine, or
To what end
Does the forty hour week pay?
In what manner do policy manuals
Provide for better lives?
Perhaps in efficiency,
Yet the standard operating procedures are not seen
As hindrances to life
The way bullets or cigarettes might be.
They are not recognized as tools that stunt
Our growth and development or
Distress our health
The way too much sitting might.

We need adventure.
We need novelty.
We need risk.
We need
Challenge, toil, and
A dissection of the routine too.
We need
Epic journeys
From sacred experiences
To revitalize our spirits
Putting us at odds with the status quo
Allowing us to breath air deeply into our lungs
Before regularity snuffs us out


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