The Walk

The prance.

I love it
The bounce my dog
Has in his step that says
Happy to be outside
Happy to be walking
Happy to be alive
Because the life of a pit bull
Is fraught with ridicule
Mostly due to
Each the doings of people
Who aren’t able to live
Above the stupidity of their news saturated lives
Or without the thrill that abusing animals
Brings to their disheartened ways.
It’s days like today
Under a cloudless blue sky
With the sun shining a late August glow
When all I can do is smile
As my pit shows his joy
By walking as proudly as any Arabian stallion,
Strutting with confidence like a lion, and
Treating each new person with a favorable disposition
That I wish we all had
He’s got a walk
Fo’ sho’

Teaching Thinking

Stoking the fires of adolescent apathy
With a well placed thought of provocation
Is just what these kids need
They want to see the world with adolescent absoluteness
Not believing what adults are preaching
Until I give them just the opposite
Of what they’ve always been told
By adults, teachers, or others with age-based authority

I’m planting the seed of critical thinking
Letting them hear that the hype around
Stuff like the drug war, sexuality, nutrition and fitness
Might be about more than just
Protecting young lives
It might also be about the spreading of fear
To make sure the funding is in place for enforcement and education
To make sure following replaces educated decision making
That could lead to their independence

I let them know I’m not some crazy radical
That abstinence is the only sure way
To avoid the unwanted pitfalls of drugs and sex
They know, though, that these lofty goals of chastity
Aren’t easily realized
So I let them simmer on the thought
That there is more to life and being healthy
Than doom, gloom, and dread
For in every report
Every statistic
Every lesson
Comes some sort of manipulation
And they need to see through the bright lights of hype
And the muddy waters of analytics
To understand issues and
Make the proper decisions to promote their well-being
By having a healthy perspective on

Drugs (don’t)
Sex (don’t until you can understand and accept the consequences)
Exercise (do…and keep it fun)

Most importantly:

Day 1

Mood elevators that don’t come as pills,
Drinks, or smokes
Can be as simple as a compliment,
“Hello,” or “Welcome back.”
Life’s too good
To be jammed up
And today’s bait did not temp
My shark like instincts
Allowing happy to win out over downtrodden.

High Tech Fabric Nonsense

What ever happened
To standard sizes
And fabric that
Does not itch
Who really wants
Seams impinging shoulders
And shorts hanging
Just above the calf
I’d really like my clothes
To fit
Sizes to be the same
And some good old cotton

Am I becoming my father?….

Chicken Cashew

A question asked of me,
“Is the Chinese food here good?”
I answered,
“I only ever get chicken cashew,
What do I know?”

I don’t know much
But I know Chinese food is good
At least
Chicken Cashew…

Loft Beds

An early morning dismantling of
Furniture from Sweden and
Shockingly there where already screws
On the floor
Beneath the beds
Soon the drawers would
Have fallen off on their own

The late morning lunch scene
Was spent driving new screws
Into beds up in the air
Not in that rarified ceiling strata
But off-the-floor-enough to be cool
These guys will live up top
Free of the European cheap design chic
Dozed out on rugged American wood and metal
(And a mattress of course)


Tell Me How You Think

It’s loaded prying for sure
When charlatan suits ask for
The thoughts rummaging around
In your head.

Know the two answers
Accepting the consequences of both.

First, think in opposites
Using creamy language
To sort of tell the truth
Or at least make the chameleons feel good about themselves.
Then live with that Chicken Little regret
Until the next time you back away from what
You really think

Second, believe in who you are,
The validity of your wisdom,
Sharing the honest perceptions as you see them
Without fear of repercussion,
Though the weak and insecure threaded lizards
Might beat you down for it.

At least you have honor
Albeit at the expense whatever they hold over you

Dissent is necessary.
Confidence is too.
The shallow ones sport understanding that
Reaches the insignificant depth of puddles
With their name dropping, decisions on the teeter-totter,
Or the casual approach after years of the snub
When they come calling wanting to know your opinion
On whatever.
The strong roll with it
Giving the mud toads exactly what they want,
Said nicely with informed honesty
And unfiltered truth

Sometimes Folks Just Can’t Help Themselves

Of mice and men
When the promise of wireless navigation
Makes the certificated scurry about
For a remedy to the touchpad blues
Patience, however, might have painted
A better picture that represented fairness and respect
Instead of their looting mob mentality
Where their scrawny little tails
And possessive personalities
Showed the hypocritical shine
Of “I gotta get mine.”
The way of people
Thinking they are entitled
Makes me long
For distance…
Like all the way to Montana distance
Where at least there are incredible views
And probably more than enough
Wireless mice
To satisfy the greedy ones