Meat Grinder


Football is getting harder to watch,
The collisions are so violent.

What of our coliseum mentality?
Send in the lions!

I wonder if three year careers are worth it.
I wonder if the entertainment absolves us.

I’m not such a big fan,

Of Coffee and Chocolate Drops From Carolina

When the day becomes too much,
Alone moments with a hot coffee
And the cool sounds of Carolina Chocolate Drops
Soothe worn nerves.

The job need not matter
For stress comes from all professions,
But that rich Colombian joe
Sweetened by traditional songs is magic.

Sitting with both hands around the hot mug
Only enhances the calm
The plucky banjo plays
As nine to five becomes a memory.

Sorry Mom and Dad


What is it about kids
That make me sound
Like my parents?
How universal is
The genetic code
That others feel the same way too?

Shut the door.
Walk the dog.
Get a shower.
Eat some vegetables.
Go to class.

I guess it’s just how it goes.
Our destiny is to raise
What we once were.
Like it or not,
They are us.

Coffee Inspired Conversation

She said, “You’re talking about prairie dogging.”


“You know, it shows its head, but never comes out.”

“That’s pretty gross. You know, I’ve seen a prairie dog farm.”

“There’s such a thing?” she asked.

“Yeah, out in Texas. I saw it when I was a kid.”

“What’s it like?”

“Like whale watching without the water, boats, and whales.”

“Really, Dad?”

“Seriously. You stand there against a fence waiting for one to come out.”

“Prairie dogging,” she said with a wry smile.

November Day

November winds have finally gotten honest
While the noon sun
Takes the chill out of the air.

Sitting outside
Soaking up the rays
No cares, no worries, just hanging.

Bluegrass plays inside,
The perfect music to hear
On the deck,

Under the sun,

With the leaves nearly gone,

And a mind set to nothing