The forecast called for rain
The next three days and
The gloom of cold December showers was
Putting a damper of this vacation’s start
So on an impulsive moment
My wife, dog, and I
Headed to a park
To walk in the crisp sunshine
Of the next to last shortest day of the year
The grass in the fields held that wintery life
Brittle and desaturated with plenty of green
To brighten the brown of the trees
Our pace was perfect
Somewhere between workout and stroll
Our minds were at ease
Just hanging outside
In the last of the sun
For the next three days

Thank goodness for today
And my walking partners.

Beautiful As They Were

The top third of our
Fake Christmas tree’s lights burned out
I’m not taking it as a sign, although,
The year has come with sadness
Mainstays in our families
Have moved on
Their souls finding a place of comfort
Wherever they went
I miss them both
Thinking of each daily
Both my father in law and grandmother
Had huge personalities
While different in their ways
Both brought the calm of family
To us all
Their departures, like this tree,
Have left a dark spot on us
But so much of them remains as memories,
To remember their lives
Beautiful as they were

Christmas Tales

How normal can hiding a book bag
In a shower stall be
Yet the logic behind this covert move
Made my day
In that
My student, younger developmentally
Than his years show,
Would put into action a plan
So nefarious
That my colleagues and I
Could only congratulate
His attempt to keep his belongings safe

The problem was his book bag
Too full of books to fit in his locker
Or maybe the locker is too small
For all of the stuff he has to tote
In this age
Of no time between classes
And cavernous nylon warehouses
Disguised as school supply caddies
That allow slumped shouldered kids
To wreck their posture
Under the weight of published tombs

Rather than have him worry
Whether his things would be safe
We asked him to bring his bag in our office
He thanked us
Told us about the repairs to his Vizio
And explained the intricate plot
To the “friggin” Christmas movie
His family had seen just the night before

Five really good minutes
With a really good soul.

The Candy Woman Can

The chocolate lady was around today
Checking the space of a facility she
Used last year.
Maybe she thought the space grew,
Or shrunk,
From last year
When she last measured our
Last renovated in the early 2000s gymnasium.

The taste of her appearance
Was a little bitter
As she could not see the students
Through the forrest,
Or volleyball nets,
As they really are
And she went about her measuring
Like there was nothing more important
Than a one-day
Chocolate festival

Maybe the unwinding of the measuring tape
Could have been done between classes
With just the standard English units
Being written down
The other side of the tape,
With its metric system,
Threw some wax into the process
That caused a bit of consternation
For our fair lady
Who was lost planning her pay day

I wish them success
Willy Wonka king sized Snickers success
But can we get
Her to take five
And see the whatchamacallit
That is
That she was interrupting

But really,
This had to happen during class?


Pay Up

When baskets of ‘lopes
Seem to good to be real
Better not take them
In case it’s a criminal deal

When going gangster in the burbs
Some street smarts are in line for the coin
But when stupidity reigns
The whole deal goes boing

As it should you idiots
Stealing from schools
Making a mockery of social morays
Allowing us all to look like fools

Now you will pay a price
Hopefully they make you pay in cash
The only way it could be
For such trash


“I don’t know how I feel about
This thinking stuff,” she said
Without a thought of her statement’s

Ho-hum these days of spoon feeding
Where “Yankee Bean”
Provides the soundtrack for the reality
Of the tease of standardized achievement

Really, though, my young Jedi
Your reflection is exactly the point
Figure it all out and
Make it make sense for you