YouTube, Volume Control, and The Cave

Oh, the jokes we play
Office mates just being guys,
No internal drama,
Pure acceptance of each other.
The neediness…
The boisterousness…
The moodiness…
We all have it.
We each tolerate it,
Thank goodness.

Back Together

Today was one of those days
When nothing seemed important.
Kids kicking volleyballs…
Gossip running wild…
Upcoming exams…

None of it.

I woke with a funk,
Maybe from staying up too late
Watching hockey,
But the game sparked something in me
And I don’t even like hockey that much.
On a shot to the crowd
I could have sworn my father in law was there,
But that is impossible
As he has moved on to heaven.
I’m pretty sure, though, I saw him there.

Perhaps that energy unsettled me today.

I just got home from work
Managing all of the important things
Teachers must manage
And I learned that my wife’s grandmother,
Yes, grandmother,
Passed away today.
The shock of her dying is not in the surprise,
But in the reality of our own mortality
And what of “after.”

Pondering that may induce some sleep,

As I want to know
How my father in law and his mother reunited,
There with the rest of their clan
Catching up on old times and
Laughing about the important things
That happen when we are

There’s a restful thought.

I doubt they discussed
High school exams,
Kicking volleyballs,
Or the latest hire for whatever job.
I bet they just hugged,
Loving the peace and happiness
Of being back together.


Sometimes formalities must be kept
In order for the clarity
To be realized.

Sometimes proper standing must be observed
In order for the boundaries
To be maintained.

Sometimes truth must be told
In order for the gospel
To be recognized.

Sometimes hypocrisy must be acknowledged
In order for true colors
To be seen.

NV Haiku

Lessons given
Through the cosmos,
Verse deity

End of Day Recharge

Maybe you know
Just what it feels like
To come home after standing outside,
All bleeping day,
On phony grass that radiates the ninety degree heat
Right into the soles of a man’s soul,
Then after punching out, sitting on your couch
Ripping shoes and socks off,
Hitting the coldest of beverages,
Brought all the way from Grand Rapids,
With the same gusto as that crazy stop
At mile twelve-ish of the Half Wit Half Marathon in August,
Then taking the full weight of a pit bull hug
As he lets you know how much he missed you
While you were at work,
And with Justin Townes Earle and company
Singing those songs of Americana,
Of life really,
That tell the stories of people looking
To get back wherever, after doing whatever,
In the heat of whenever they were doing it.

I hope you get to know that feeling
In the particular way it comes to you
In those first few minutes just
After laboring all day and right when you get home,
Because Einstein and I are glad
The work is done,
The refrigerator is working,
And iHeart radio knows our favorites.

Yep, we hope you know…


All Rights Reserved-Chris Hancock



He woke up at the crack,
Not really even interested
In his morning constitutional.
Now he’s crashed
In vacation day bliss
And I’m wide awake
Just after the crack.

Behind Downtown

All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

Trash gathers under shadows
Far from the view of shoppers
Hitting the historic little town
Where image is everything.

Out back everything is hidden.
Out back everything gets hauled away.
Out back everything is rejected.
Out back it’s all disposable.


All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

All rights reserved-Chris Hancock


All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

Souls framed
Sights distorted
Clarity blurred
By windows

Sha, la, la, la, la, la, la, la…

To breathe again is to feel alive.
To smile that Teflon smile is to know strength.
To be away is to be gone.

And gone is good

Three day respites
Make the air flow freely,
Sincere smiles to form, and soulful restoration through distance.

And distance is great.


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