Without Television

A soft rain is falling,
Giving back up to Bruce Hornsby
Who comes through the speakers
Singing a live version of “Mandolin Rain.”

I’m sitting washed in the sounds
Of great performances,
Natural and man made,
Just glad for this peaceful moment.

The burden of moving removed and
The annoyance of a head cold passing
Has allowed me to take in the patter and
To “listen to the tears roll.”

There’s soup on the stove
Waiting for the cooler temperatures
Pushing the rain along.
I’m going to enjoy them too.

Same Time, Different Attitude

Long days need not be so,
They really are of our making,
So I don’t make them anymore
And the days aren’t so long.

A Different Kickstart

The beauty of a mind
Is that it can change.
We have been blessed
By a power greater than us
To have the capacity to think,
Rationalize, and make the best choices.

Why it took so long
For me to figure that out,
I’m not sure, but
If the simple act of deleting a poem
Prior to posting
Is an indication of me using that gift
Thank God for the favor.

Feeling Good

Oh, the head cold,
Much more annoyance than aggravation.
Still, though, something to be dealt with
In the best way possible.

An advisor said yesterday,
“You are not sick, just getting over an illness.”
Maybe the subtle thought of focusing on recovery
Is the trick to not feeling bad.

I’ll give it a try
Since being more positive is working just fine.
Good thoughts,
Feeling better.

The News

It’s getting to the point
Where watching or reading the news
Is an act of redundancy

Sure the names and places change,
But the stories are all the same,
Violence, scandal, pain, loss, economy…

Too bad the options for optimism
Are so limited,
Too bad positivity does not sell.


No troubles today,
The air is light and
Crisp, too.

Adventure waits ahead.
Perhaps I’ll do a cartwheel,
Just to see if I still can.
Maybe I’ll balance on two hands
Tempting gravity and age
With strength and will.

May I’ll fall or tip a little too much
Trying these stunts,
But there will be no trouble today.

Mister Man


All rights reserved-Chris Hancock


An easy combination
Translated across time
Making for a cool father-son time
Of sharing an appreciation of
Music and togetherness.

I love these times
When we dig into the archives
And just chill with tunes,
Music being such an important part
Of who we are.

Me, the illiterate listener
Unable to play the notes,
But so in tune with the songs.
You, the budding maestro
Able to make the guitar sing.

We’re a nice combination,
Beyond our appreciation
For the tunes.
It’s our love of creating and the stories,
Like from this easy combination courtesy of CNSY.

Source: wikipedia


The boxes keep being carted,
Furniture loaded up.

Too Many

The weather saga plays out.
Homecoming might be washed away.
More importantly,
We still haven’t done anything
About gun legislation.

Of all the things to table,
This is one I don’t understand.
All of us are impacted by guns
Whether legally owned or
Gotten illegally.

So why do we hesitate
To make these weapons less available?
Constitutional rights?

I’m not sure,
But I think
Compassion and common sense
Might help.
Realizing that no solution is perfect
And that guns will always be around
Are two givens we need to accept,
But they are not excuses to do nothing.

Too many lives lost…


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