Getting Going

Resistance, huh?
The naysayer of motivation
And getting things done
Has too much of a say
Over me.

My guitar waits quietly
While I wrestle with musical illiteracy.
My bike rests while I recover
From the soreness of the last day’s ride.
Just resistance, or excuses, if you please.

This day is too good
To waste thinking
About doing something.
I’ve already got stuff to do.
See ya…


There’s something about smiling
That is really hard to do.
I think I just did.

It felt pretty good.

After Reading a Short Story

A mother and son,
Riding the bus,
Experienced a southern social flip flop,
As written by Flannery.


Too many of us think not
Of the circumstances of others
Or experience anything
Of their discomfort.




All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

Sometimes a mobile phone
Captures the moment,
Sometimes not.
At least there’s a record,
A stamp of a memory,
To keep a thought alive.

“To the morning sun…”

Waking Up

Darkness is still in control
As morning works it’s way in.

The smell of coffee moves throughout,
Pushed by a tireless box fan.

A cat meows for more attention,
While a dog’s tail provides a canine Reveille.

This is the new groove,
Beginning the day without resistance, sort of.

Because we could all use a slow down,
A chance to wake up slowly like the sun.

We would all do better without
The shock of the alarm to nudge us along.

With the coffee done and the cat quiet,
The dog needs a walk.

The easing is over, so it’s out and into
The rush of the day we go.

Precious Time

Attempting to cram
Two hours worth of stuff
Into forty minutes of time
Makes for some tough choices

Burning that late night oil
Probably won’t happen.
The morning is quiet,
But eye lids are so heavy.

Oh, no,
Someone is already out of bed.
I’m supposed to have
Twenty more minutes.

Embracing Today

Supple nerves,
Optimistic eyes,
Wise thoughts,


Trigger awareness,
Purposeful commitment,
Sound judgment,


Stoic smiling,
Nourished body,
Rested mind,


Hot Deals Haiku


All rights reserved-Chris Hancock

Bargain shopping site.
Hot deals saving a wallet.
But what is the cost?

Creature Feature

Last night the nod went poorly.
A full moon hung,
Casting it’s mystical light
Across the land.
Hair began sprouting.
Fangs began growling.
I was howling like a wolf.

Not really,
Just thinking about
The end of my vacation.

Tonight, I sleep.

Smoke Signals

After my doctoral dissertation
I never thought
I’d be put in a situation
Where I’d wish I was doing
Confirmatory factorial analysis.

Today it happened.

Ten months ago
After a botched sync with my phone
I decided to break from the fruit.
I guess this was spiritually forbidden
For I’ve felt banished from the phone garden ever sense.

The two year contract is a scam
Now that I really understand the mechanism
Of how it’s designed to keep
The flow of money leaving my pocket and
Filling the conglomerates who make communication possible.

The providers blame the phone companies.
The phone companies blame the providers.
I think they are in cahoots.
As they say, “To make a long story short,”
I’m stuck with the fifth version of this planetary phone.

Only until May!

Smoke signals after that, y’all.


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